Credit Memo Invoice for Refund Voucher

Create Invoice: Credit Memo Invoice for Refunded payment

Finance CTL(Expert)->Accounts Payable->Invoice Batch(invoice)

    -> F11 -> Enter the Batch Name -> Ctrl + Fll

    -> Invoices:

        Type: Credit Memo

        Enter Trading Partner or Supplier Number

        Enter Date, Negative Amount including VAT, [Cash Purchase?], and other fields

        -> Click 2.Lines

            Enter Lines:

                Negative Amount excluding VAT

                Default Distribution Account:having "Refund" Natural Account(not expense)

            If no VAT, Click Tax Detail-> Change Tax Rate to VAT 0%-> Ok

            (Note: You can enter multiple Lines. 

                    VAT (Tax Detail) is for each line)
    ->(For Case Team Leaders) Click Action-> Mark Validate-> Ok

    -> Click Action-> Mark Create Accounting -> Select "Final Post"-> Ok

    ->(For BackLog) Click Action-> Mark Force Approval-> Ok

    ->(If not BackLog)Click Action-> Mark Initiate Approval-> Ok 

    -> After Approved,

        -> Click Action-> Mark "Pay in Full" -> Ok

                ->Enter "Payment Date, Bank Account, Payment Method,
                    and Document Number,...

                -> Click Action(In the payment window, not in the invoice window)

                    -> Mark Create Accounting -> Select "Final Post"-> Ok

    To Print the Payment Voucher for the additional pay:

        -> View(Menu)-> Requests-> Find:

        -> Select "IFMIS Payment Voucher"

        -> Click "View Output" 

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