Budget Preparation Steps : 1, Set up

Budget Preparation Steps
1, Set up

a) Planning CTL-> General Ledger         
     i) Define Budget(Open Next Year)
     ii) Define Budget Relationship
                 OrgnYYExpBudMCL <=>OrgnYYExpBudACL
     iii) Define Budget Orgn(Budgetary Conrol)
             Ctrl+F11 -> select ***MCL
             Click 'Ranges'
                 {1800&1900 => Absolute 
                 2000-3999 => Advisory}
               Select Range->Budgetary Control
                          ->Add the new budget
  b) Planning CTL -> PSB
         i) Global Account Set:
             1.Orgn Position Account Set
             2.Orgn Non Position Account Set
                 ->Include valid range for preparation
         ii)Budget Group:
             ->Hierarchy of budget preparation
             ->Access control in budget preparation
         iii)Budget Parameter:
                 ->Formula for forecasting
                ->Create only the name without formula 
        iv)GL Budget Set:
                 ->Ledger, Budget and Account Range for posting  

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