How to Generate Reports

Be on the java application and Click on “View” menu. Then click on “Requests”

Then Click on “Submit a New Request”:

Select the type of Request you want to submit and Click “Ok”

eg. You may Select single request for reports

Write the name of the Report or Choose from the LOV

Enter the parameters depending on the report you need.

eg. See the following image For Net Trial Balance of Ministry of Science and Technology:

Click "Ok" in the parameters window

Now you may change The report Language by clicking “Language Settings” -> Ok-> Mark “Amharic” and/or Unmark “American English”-> ok

You may change The report Output Format by clicking “Options” -> Change Format-> Ok

Now Submit the Request

Click on Submit

If you do not Submit an Other Request Click “No”

Click Find

Click on “Refresh Data” to check if it has finished processing

If the “phase” changes to “Complete”, Click on “View Output”

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